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Intel Moving into Cell Phone Market

Monday, June 30th, 2003

BusinessWeek’s analysis of Intel’s Cell Phone strategy. With competition like TI and QUALCOMM, it will come down to an execution play, but Intel is probably a company to get into this business. At the least, it should sharpen the game of the rest of the market.

Wireless Knowledge: The End of an Era

Sunday, June 8th, 2003

It looks like the word is out now: CNET has a short piece on the closing of Wireless Knowledge as of Friday.

I joined WK in December of 2000, so I became one of the second or maybe third wave of employees there. The company started in 1998, and by the end, most of the original employees had moved on.

I’ll write a more in depth analysis of the enterprise mobility market and WK’s approach sometime later, but a few thoughts right now come to mind on WK’s contribution. First, it was a company that had some really great people. Far and away, I’ll miss the most working with all of them. Secondly, we were incredibly ambitious: taking on (ultimately) Microsoft, Research in Motion, Lotus, along with other companies our own size. Thirdly, I think we were very early in the market, a fact that hurt our ability to build our company for long term viability.

I’ll be one of the WK staff that will move over to QUALCOMM and hopefully take some of the benefit of being on the enterprise front lines back to integrate with some of the initiatives there. I’m optimistic about it; I think given the backing of a larger, renowned company like QUALCOMM, we’ll be able to really make a difference.