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Mac OS Server 10.4 “Tiger” Preview

Sunday, July 11th, 2004

Apple continues to add great features to its “operating system” releases. Here’s one that is a clever addition: secure (encrypted) iChat servers, and weblog hosting feature: Apple – Mac OS X – Mac OS X Server v10.4 Tiger Preview

Operating systems releases these days are not just devoted to services rightfully belonging to an operating system proper; they are increasingly bundles of software around an operating system. Suites really. As Microsoft’s software releases eventually distilled into two major product suites (Windows and Office), so too does Apple find itself mainly releasing its innovations in one bundle it calls Mac OS X.

As I look at Apple’s strategy of innovation, a clear theme emerges: Apple is not really designing for all users — just the “best users” (to steal a Nextel phrase). Does everyone write a weblog? Not yet, anyway. Does everyone care about a powerful, stable operating system and excessively beautiful graphics? Doubtful. But some do, probably enough that are willing to pay more (and more frequently) for it. Just as Mercedes and BMW will never sell their cars to everyone, Apple will likely never sell its computers to everyone either. But you can see features in its software that continue to “push the envelope” and breathe new life into computers today.