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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Seth Godin. Damn.

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Monday, November 28th, 2005



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Art in Advertising

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

Wow. This Motorola ad is amazing — and shows just how much art modern advertising generates.

via Charles Wiltgen

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An artist’s mind

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

An interesting interview with Claude Gagnon, a Canadian film director, on Apple’s website. In one part, he says

The Apple computer works and thinks like an artist, as opposed to the other system, which has an accountant mind.

I’m not sure I would phrase the delineation that way, but I’ve tried to explain the Mac Difference to others, and this isn’t a bad way to start.

I’ve said, “This computer elevates my thinking”, which is true, because it cares about the right details. Not all, but many of the ones that count. Like making things simple, convenient, and beautiful wherever possible.

See if this makes any sense to you: the Mac exudes a focus on doing the core things right. On finding, and then illuminating, the Canon. I believe the designers at Apple have made a very conscious choice to follow the philosophy of the Zen gardener:

Your garden is not complete until there is nothing left to be removed.

Clearly, a Mac has more to it than air, but you can find the “less is more” concept in many places around an Apple-designed product. The wonderfully designed iSight looks like a grey tube, but within the sleek cylinder is a microphone, a high quality auto-focusing lens, and a clever way to mount the camera on the right surface at the right height for good videoconferencing. The iPod is sleek but gets the core things right.

There’s something to be said for a maniacal belief in the 80/20 rule: Apple thinks hard about what 20% of a thing really matters, then spends 80% of its time on it. Lucky us.


Friday, November 18th, 2005

I recently bought a copy of Eastgate’s Tinderbox meme management system. Amazing. It’s one of those tools that exudes a sense of ??????(shibumi) and austerity; simple and emergingly complex at the same time.

What is it, exactly? Eastgate’s website calls it “a personal content management assistant.” Ted Goranson at ATPM writes some of the best koans about Tinderbox:

“Tinderbox is partly a tool and partly an environment for creating your own tool.”

“It isn’t something you buy and just use; it is something you adapt and invent over time.”

And although the most accessible way to start using it is as an outliner (and what I was looking for originally), Ted hits again with:

“Tinderbox is not really an outliner at all; it is more of an environment for annotation-rich information architectures.”

Yeah. It’s all of those. And more.

Some Tinderbox users created their own weblogs with it; others have adapted it to codify David Allen’s classic Getting Things Done into a GTD system.

I’ll probably evolve to using it for all of these things, and more.

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Listening to Million Mama

Sunday, November 13th, 2005

Listening to Million Mama

Originally uploaded by lil.

Looking through Flickr is always a worthwhile 10 minutes. It’s amazing how good some people are at taking great photos.

These pictures — and the exhibit itself — struck me.