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Thursday, August 31st, 2006

YouTube rules. How else could my friend Bruce have dug up this gem of a old Sega Dreamcast racing game ad? The video is pretty self-explanatory, but “kimochi-ii” in Japanese means “feels good.” This screengrab doesn’t do the ad any justice. Just click play; it’s 30 seconds guaranteed to make you smile.

Make sure you watch the whole thing: the punch line comes right at the end, and is worth the set up.

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

i’m testing dave winer’s new mobile blogging tool. so far so good..

Best Manchester 80′s Band

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

We’ve updated the survey results code over at Killersurvey. Let’s see how we’re doing: here’s a survey on the Best 80′s Band out of Manchester. Are the latest results showing up as they change (they should be).

All the Dark Horses from the album “Weightlifting” by Trashcan Sinatras

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“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

A kinetic sculptor.

I’ve thought for awhile that it’s a shame we don’t know who our current Rodin is – a sculptor that stretches the medium and teaches us something new. Perhaps Theo Jansen is our modern Auguste?

via Joz.